ónG is a concept design lab. It works with private clients, scientists and textile producers to develop and produce ecological, and conceptual garments. The core idea of the lab is to develop customized products that incorporate nature throughout the entire process- from  material production to product’s end of life cycle. The brand philosophy is that each material has its own personality and behavior. As a designer, one should not work against the material’s nature, or give it an inappropriate function this would cause the material to end up in landfills. Rather, one should respect and co-create with it.

The lab keeps no inventory, so clients start from scratch by selecting their favorite designs from dozens of samples. They will have three options for each decision.

In 2010, the EU have done a bio-tech market analyses. It shows that most consumers care about what are the side effects and the benefits of using bio-tech products. Especially 73% of them want to know the risks.

To address their concern, I would install a set of regulations referencing the GOTS Dye standards, IOL working standards and DIYbio code of ethics.