I was hunted by nature

Early one morning, I wandered into the forest. The mist enveloped me. I followed my instincts and kept going deeper inside. Slowly, I discovered the secret world of nature, a world that is untouched by humans – the thick moss covers the ground like a giant’s carpet; fungus gathers together to build many small, but strange looking structures; its history was written into the sedimentary rocks; the tall, dark green trees stood as the guardians of this mysterious land.

“Nature is a haunted house-but Art-is a house that tries to be haunted.”
- Emily Dickinson


I approached this project by first making collages using the photos that I took in the forest. Next, I drew on top of the of the collages to turn them into garment design illustrations. I then used a large knit blanket to drape on the dress form to create the initial prototypes inspired by those designs.


Photo: Hong Yu 
Model: Shannon Gaitz
Assistant: Jackie Reyes