La Fuerza de Familias

Helping low-tech immigrant parents access online educational resources (ongoing)

My Role

Assisted three teammates in research. Led the ideation and prototyping phases

Key Challenges

Extract key information from a brief interview with the client. Understand users’ mental mode. 

Client / Duration

Literacy Partners

How can we make the LF website easier to navigate for busy and low-tech Spanish-speaking caregivers?

A fluent internet user, I often take for granted the wealth of information available at my fingertips, yet my recent collaboration with La Fuerza de Familia (LF) highlighted the problem that language barriers pose to finding resources. For this project, I led a team of four volunteers to improve a bilingual website that offers free childhood development educational resources to Spanish-speaking parents. I leveraged my role as UX designer to answer the question: How can we make the LF website easier to navigate for busy and low-tech Spanish-speaking caregivers?

Our solution was inspired by the intuitive video game “Candy Crush Saga.” Through studying its design pattern and user flow, we found that potential solutions to our challenge were to offer only one CTA/task at a time and use micro-interactions to celebrate its completion, encouraging users to explore the site further. 

We then implemented our findings in the mid-fidelity stage. Due to time constraints, we were unable to incorporate a micro-interaction before the usability testing. To mimic the effect, we offered a word of encouragement, such as “Perfecto!” when participants completed a task. In our study, the task completion rate doubled and participants were more likely to explore the website. 

Unequal access to resources is an impediment for immigrants. This experience has deepened my gratitude towards my parents, non-English speakers who have endured innumerable confusing and frustrating moments while seeking out valuable information for our family. As a UX professional, software designing is my tool, yet humanity and empathy are my motivations.

Our project is currently in the high-fidelity stage. We continue to refine the user’s experience while promoting the business needs of the organization. Below is a sneak peek at the project.

Usere Persona - Parents- Maria,
User persona - Parents
Parent's journey
Parent's journey
Site Map
Updated site map